ICT Egypt


The "gateway," or main start-off point, of the rest of the Foundation's programs is ICT Egypt. The program aims to provide students with the basic skills needed in today's job market. ICT Egypt currently provides training in world languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and Arabic. Classes are taught by a volunteer staff, all being native speakers of their respective languages. ICT Egypt also focuses on training students in computer programs, as well as soft skill seminars and workshops that help prepare them for the professional world.

ICT Egypt provides an international setting that fosters cooperation and understanding between different cultures. With an organizational composition of an equal amount of Egyptian and foreign students, ICT Egypt truly provides a multi-cultural experience where both volunteers and students benefit.

Language Training Courses:

The Better World Foundation - NGO has a foreign languages program, named The International Center for Technology (ICT Egypt). ICT offers six language classes (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic). All classes are taught by native speakers.

Current and Old Students: Student@bwngo.org (Full Name, ID number, Level, Term, Teacher Name, Mobile No. , Request)
New students: Exam@bwngo.org ( Full Name, Mobile No. , Home No. , E-mail, Address, College, Study Year, Requested Language)

Computer Training Courses:

27 courses including introductory courses in computer basics, Microsoft Office, web/graphic design, computer networking, specialized commercial programs. (Computer Training Courses are temporarily on hold)

Life Skills Education Seminars:

Offers various seminars including Management Skills, Organizational Skills, Time Management, Resume Building, Interviewing Skills, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills, Communication Skills, Work Attire, Critical Thinking, Professional Health, Leadership Skills, and Team Work seminars.

The cell phone of ICT program (0163385837) is open from 6 pm to 8 pm except Fridays and Saturdays is totally off.